Creating the Perfect Environment for Your Racehorse

Having settled in South Tipperary and taken the plunge to become a horse trainer, my main aim here at Mortlestown was to create the perfect environment for racehorses in my care to thrive. 

To achieve this, my yard has been designed from scratch and implements facilities that focus entirely on each horse’s wellbeing. I genuinely believe that if a horse is happy and healthy, they will perform to the best of their ability.

EMcC Racing Evanna McCutcheon - Turnout



The facilities we have here at Mortlestown allow horses the freedom to develop at their own pace while keeping their welfare at the heart of all we do.



Our Space

One of the most significant benefits offered at Mortlestown is space. Our 30 acres of grass turnout means that we give every horse plenty of paddock time, at all times of the year, something which isn’t always possible at other yards. It certainly requires a bit more time and effort but the freedom to roam around fields has been proven to benefit a horses overall fitness and wellbeing.

EMcC Racing Evanna McCutcheon - GallopsDaily exercise on the 2 furlong sand gallop


Our state-of-the-art facilities also include a 2-furlong circular sand gallop and a 4-furlong uphill grass gallop, as well as a 2-kilometre boundary track that is perfect for conditioning work.




Our Equipment

We also have a lunge arena, a 6-bay horse walker, and a weighbridge to check each horse’s weight – an essential factor in monitoring their fitness and wellbeing.

Post-exercise, we have access to a freshwater stream to allow the horses to soothe and cool their legs and close by, we also have a spring-fed natural swimming pool which is perfect for non-weight bearing exercise.


Our Neighborhood

Tipperary being the heart of horse racing country in Ireland, we are blessed to have some great facilities close by, including access to three longer gallops – a 5-furlong wood chip gallop, a 7-furlong uphill wood chip gallop, and a 1-mile grass schooling gallop. These are ideal for conditioning the horses on varying surfaces and under race conditions.


Our Ethos

My ethos as a horse trainer is to go back to basics and everything I have created at Mortlestown aims for a happy and healthy environment for every horse in my care.

The entire flow of the training system is based on both a scientific and holistic strategy and is perfect for horse training and horse rehab.

This means that no matter the horse, the stage they’re at in their career, or their specific needs, you can be sure that I will constantly tailor their program to suit them as an individual.

At some larger yards, horses will be expected to follow the same program as their stablemates, but here at Mortlestown, the horse always comes first, and we aim to provide a personal touch for both them and their owners.


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