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My yard would suit owners who value individual attention and bespoke training programmes. My team and I nurture a close-knit environment for the horses and we make sure they get exactly what they need here.

Evanna McCutcheon
Founder and Trainer

Our Team

Evanna McCutcheon

Founder and Head Trainer


Yard Operations Manager


Resident G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)


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Our Partners to Success

Being a racehorse trainer in Ireland, a strong network is crucial to success. Each horse receives regular visits from each of the following to ensure the horses are always in tiptop shape
We work with great brands


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

  • Streame, developed specifically to provide the best environment for your Champions, is owned and led by Evanna McCutcheon, a Group-2 Winning Trainer. Evanna personally ensures a productive and beneficial experience for both the horses in the care of EMcC Racing and their owners.
  • The EMcC Racing Team nurtures a close-knit environment for horses who receive individual attention and bespoke training programmes for each of their unique needs.
  • EMcC Racing is located in Tipperary, a county steeped in rich horseracing history and to this day is known for producing winners. In terms of location, it doesn’t get much better as our proximity to key motorways (M8/M7) allows us quick access to great racecourses such as The Curragh and various courses in Tipperary and Thurles.

Breaking/Pre-Training*: €30/day
Training**: €35/day
Rehab: POA following discussion of a horse’s specific ailment/injury and requirements

*includes use of on-site facilities (See facilities page)
**also includes use of local
facilities (See facilities page)

“Breaking In” a horse is the practice of training a young horse to accept a saddle, a bridle and the weight of rider on its back.
Pre-training is conditioning a horse for the training season ahead. It includes building up muscle and strength on a horse who has had an injury or holiday out at grass, teaching a young horse who has been recently broken in about gallops, or schooling, training and working in the company of other horses.

We regularly have a number of exciting prospects available for lease/sale in the yard. We also regularly attend all major sales in Ireland, UK and France and can advise and assist you in the purchase of a horse. Please to not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your options. Mobile: +353 87 9312373
In addition to seeing the horse in action on race days we have an open door policy here at the yard and look forward to having owners down to visit.
Coming to see them working at home or away, or even just visiting the yard in the afternoons when they are chilling out in the field with their friends can also be part of racehorse ownership.
We also send regular updates via WhatsApp for any owners who are interested – it’s not just the horses’s individual needs that are cared for here!
This would depend on the ownership option selected. You can get more information at Horse Racing Ireland.

We train both. In Evanna’s first season with a training licence, the highlights were Maarek winning the Group 2 Duke of York Clipper Logistics Stakes (6f). On the other end of the scale, Long Strand and Nhakira paired up to both win in Bandon Point-to-Point on the same day, also both ridden by Evanna!
Since then, there has probably been a relatively even balance between Flat and NH here which keeps us going continuously through the year.

Included: Daily training, Gallop fees, Dentistry, Farriery, Chiropractor, Basic veterinary services (flu vac, worming, basic minor ailment/injury treatment/therapy), Clipping, Racing transport within Ireland
Not included: Veterinary diagnostics (scoping, tracheal washes, blood tests, scanning, etc.), Traumatic injury treatment,
Veterinary surgeries (wind-ops, colic, back surgeries, etc.), Remedial farriery (eg. casting), Race transport outside Ireland
Also Not included within “training fees”: Entry and HRI fees that are explained at https://www.racehorseownership.ie/Budget and Costs

As all horses are individuals, there is no standard timeframe promised in EMcC Racing. Many are great learners and pick up the basics in a matter of weeks, however, some can find the process more challenging and appear difficult or “hardy”. We find 99% of the time there is usually a reason for this behaviour and with time, investigation and patience most issues can be addressed.
Yes. The owner of the horse chooses the name they want and designs the colours for the jockey to wear as well. We will help you through the process of registering your colours (which will be unique to you!) as well as the process for registering the name of the horse.

One of the first decisions an owner has to make is how they wish to race. Going it alone as a sole owner, or including friends and family in a partnership or syndicate?
With five owner formats to consider, there is an option that should suit every individual, group and budget.
Get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options to see what would be most suitable for you. You can also check out Horse Racing Ireland for more information.

EMcC Updates

Stream is a world-class racehorse training facility equipped with the tools that your champion will need. Learn more about EMcC Racing through our blog page.